Agenda for LMAP at interim-2014-lmap-2

Meeting Agenda Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance (lmap) WG
Title Agenda for LMAP at interim-2014-lmap-2
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Meeting Agenda

LMAP WG Interim Meeting 
Date and Time: Monday December 15, 2014, noon EST

1. Note Well, Note Takers, Jabber Scribes, Agenda Bashing - Chairs (5 min)

2. WG Status - Chairs (5 min)

3. Use Case document in IESG review: input from Benoit and discussions (30 min)

4. LMAP Framework - edit proposals to solve AD comments: Al Morton (20 min)

5. LMAP Information Model - Trevor, Phil: discuss proposals presented at IETF-91 (30 min)

6. Protocol Selection Criteria - Barbara, Tim (30 min)

7. Next steps 

Reading List

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