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Agenda for I2RS at interim-2015-i2rs-12

Meeting Agenda Interface to the Routing System (i2rs) WG
Title Agenda for I2RS at interim-2015-i2rs-12
State Active
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Last updated 2015-09-02

Agenda for I2RS Interim on 9/2/2015

Topic: I2RS Protocol requirements


0. Agenda Bashing 							  [22:00-20:05]
1. Overview of I2RS Requirements [Sue Hares]  [22:05-22:30]
2. Review of NETCONF feedback on Requirements [22:30-22:40]
3. Discussion of Open issues                  [22:40-23:25]
4. Closing of meeting 						  [23:25-23:30]

The I2RS protocol requirements has been updated
in the following four drafts:

 Additional I2RS environmental security issues are discussed:

At the I2RS interim the chairs will review of the I2RS requirements,
NETCONF's feedback on the requirements.

The following discussion points:

1) It is been said that the highest priority differences
   between I2RS and NETCONF are the following things:

  a) Quick Feedback loop for applications,
  b) Being able to tie ephemeral to config

  What do you think?

2) How much feedback do you want in your

3) Should I2RS allow data transfer on an insecure protocol?
   a) If so, what restrictions should be placed on the
   data models allowing data transfer?

   b) Should the data transfer over insecure protocol
      be limited to just publication or subscription data?
4) What data should the ephemeral data models be able to
   refer to in order to do constraint checking?
   The options are:
	a) ephemeral to configuration state,
	b) ephemeral to operational state (for example, an LSP-ID
	   for an LSP that is created)
	c) ephemeral configuration to ephemeral configuration
	   Examples could be;
	   a) I2RS RIB model referring to the I2RS topology model
	   b) I2RS BGP model referring to I2RS RIB
	d) ephemeral configuration to ephemeral "protocol" state
	   I2RS RIB route configuration referencing
	   I2RS Topology model to check the summary of
	   learned logical paths

5) Do you think the protocol security requirement are
adequate for the protocol?

6) Have we missed anything in the requirements?
What are your 3 top priority requirements?

I2RS Interim on I2RS Protocol Requirements
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
22:00pm  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)  |  2 hrs

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