Agenda for PERC at interim-2016-perc-2

Meeting Agenda Privacy Enhanced RTP Conferencing (perc) WG
Title Agenda for PERC at interim-2016-perc-2
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Last updated 2016-01-28

Meeting Agenda


* Intro and recap from last call 
   End to End Authentication Conclusion - IS DESIRABLE
      a) Removal of authenticated E2E header extension is NOT NEEDED
      b) Mutable with having original authenticated value is OPTIONAL
   End to End Confidentiality Conclusion - IS DESIRABLE and NICE TO HAVE
      a) If a use-case demands for a strictly privacy reasons, E2E Conf might be needed 

* Focus: RTCP for PERC Considerations
* Question: Scope of E2E RTCP
  * What capabilities does the MDD need with regard to RTCP?
  * Which fields does the MDD need to read?
  * Which fields does the MDD need to modify?
  * For example: impacts on e2e RTCP and RTCP report aggregation at the MDD
* Magnus: Discussion of RTCP for PERC
* Wrap-up: Where are we on the questions?