Agenda interim-2016-t2trg-03: Thu 09:00

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Title Agenda interim-2016-t2trg-03: Thu 09:00
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Meeting Agenda

   T2TRG Meeting during Eclipsecon in Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart area, DE)

October 27, 2016
Hotel Blauzeit, room "MATRIX".

Draft agenda:

09:00 Chairs                         Welcome, Meeting overview, T2TRG Status,
Agenda Bashing 09:30 Matthias Kovatsch              Californium issues and
statement of direction 10:00 Olaf Bergmann                  libcoap issues and
statement of direction 10:20 Ziran Sun                      IoTivity issues and
statement of direction 10:40 Tobias Rohde, Tobias Kaupat    Lobaro CoAP issues
and statement of direction 10:55 (Chairs)                       other CoAP
implementations 11:10                                Coffee Break 11:30 Kai
Hudalla, Matthias Kovatsch Scandium issues and statement of direction 11:45
Olaf Bergmann                  tinydtls issues and statement of direction 12:00
(Chairs)                       other DTLS implementations; DTLS issues: CBC,
DTLS 1.3, compatibility, stapling 12:30 Lunch 13:45 (Matthias, all)            
   API issues (CoAP, RD), memoy management 14:05 (Carsten, all)                
alternative transports, NAT traversal, offline notification 14:35 (all)        
                 Dynamic addresses, CoAP endpoints, and DTLS 15:05 (Julien,
all)                  Security on low-throughput networks 15:25 (Julien, all)  
               Observing large resources; patch notifications 15:45 (Julien,
all)                  Large implementation clustering issues 16:05             
                  Coffee Break 16:30 (Carsten, all)                
Privacy-enhanced session resumption, long-term identifiers revisited 17:00
(all)                          emerging topics (e.g., more on DTLS) 18:00
(Chairs)                       Wrapup; next steps 18:30                        
       End of meeting