Meeting Agenda Domain Name System Operations (dnsop) WG
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Last updated 2017-02-02

Meeting Agenda

Preliminary agenda:

        1. Issues from WGLC on the problem statement
        ( 2.
        Proposals for moving forward:
                * reviews of alt-tld; ready for WGLC? will it help?
                ( *
                stop here? (leave RFC 6761 as-is, continue to process registry
                changes case-by-case) * proposals for process revision/update?
        3. Next steps:
                * any drafts to write?
                * any input or liaison to request from the IAB? (regarding
                either namespace architecture or relationships of the IETF with
                other groups)
        4. AOB: your I-D or proposed action for the WG/IESG/IAB here