Meeting Agenda L2VPN Service Model (l2sm) WG
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Last updated 2017-05-10

Meeting Agenda

   o Administrivia and Agenda Bash - (Chairs,5min)

o WG Status (chairs, 5 min)
o Latest revision of draft-ietf-l2sm-l2vpn-service-model (Authors -10 mins)
      - summary of changes 
o Discussion of outstanding issues (Authors) 
1. Customer Information 
2. Relation between Customer Service Model and Service Delivery Model 
3. Revisit all protocol-specific parameters 
4. UNI position in the network
5. CE Provider Managed or CE Customer Managed?
6. How do we better model signaling option?
7. The relation between UNI, EVC, OVC, Site, Network Access
8. Multicast Support 
9. H-VPLS Support

o Next steps (Chairs)