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Meeting Agenda

The agenda is still being discussed.  For those attending in person, here is
the info from co-chair Marie-Jose Montpetit: The meeting on September 19 will
be held at the MIT Media Laboratory E15-359 (I used to teach there).

The Media Lab is on Ames Street close to the Main Street intersection:

We have the room from 9-12 and then from 1:30 to 6. The room is taken over
lunch time but I guess it will be good for an extended lunch and email sync.

I will send a google map with lunch options.

Also for those of you who want it we will have a post meeting drinks at
Cambridge Brewing Company (on your own expenses).

And I would be more than happy to supply dinner options.

I want to thank Deborah Widener for her help (hmm help is not enough) and the
Media Lab family for their unwavering support.