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Meeting Agenda

   CELLAR -- Agenda for Virtual Interim Meeting
August 28, 2018        20:00 UTC


        Meeting number: 313 505 170
        Meeting password: dq64cWsm
        Meeting link:
        Host key: 763872
        Audio connection:
        1-650-479-3208 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)


1. Note Well.
2. Draft minutes from Last meeting
3. Logistics for Meeting.
   2a) Etherpad for notes

   2b) Roll call

4. WG status update
   - milestones submitted.
   - EBML not in WG last call yet.

5. Progress on EBML comments and review.
   - when we can get EBML-05 posted?
   - 8 issues open, 4 are "feature requests" for a future revision, 4 are
      small issues with pull requests outstanding.

6. EBML IANA Considerations, REDUX.

   - Link to IANA considerations thread -
   - EBML Header has TLV Element with Document Type. ElementID=xxx.
   - EBML Header Document Type needs a registry for Document Types: what is the
   amending - EBML header ElementIDs should have an update rule that says IETF
   Standards Action to update, (and version must be > 1).

7. Any other Business.