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Meeting Agenda

   Agenda for DetNet Virtual Interim Meeting January 31, 2018

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Dear All,

We are planning to hold our second virtual interim to discuss the DetNet Data
Plane document, As an
outcome of the first virtual interim and the discussions on the list, a new
revision of draft-ietf-detnet-dp-sol is expected before the second virtual
interim. The intent is to continue working through open issues on the draft
based on the new revision and where we left off at the first virtual interim
[1] (based on IETF 100 [2] and [3]).

The meeting will be held January 31 at 1400GMT. We are aiming for a 90
minute meeting, but are scheduling to allow 30 minutes of extra
discussion time if needed.

The agenda is less formal than our normal meetings and is:
 - Administrativa (chairs)
 - Draft [4] [5] update - covering deltas and open issues (authors)
 - Open issues not addressed in draft (authors)
 - Plan for addressing open issues on the draft, including future meetings