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Meeting Agenda

IDR Interim Meeting before IETF 103
Date & Time: 2018.10.26 10:00 – 12:00 ET (UTC -4)
Webex meeting information: to be provided
1..       Chair’s Slides [10 min]
2..       BGP Autodiscovery: Chairs [10 min]
3..       BGP Extension for SDWAN Overlay Networks   
	Linda Dunbar [10 min]
4..       Application Specific Attributes Advertisement with BGP Link-State   
	Ketan Talaulikar/Peter Psenak [10 min]
5..       Discussion on growing BGP-LS attributes [20 min]
6..       Flowspec Indirection-id Redirect for SRv6   
	Huaimo Chen [5 min]
7..       BGP FlowSpec Extensions for Routing Policy Distribution (RPD)  
	Huaimo Chen [10 min]
8..       BGP Extensions for IDs Allocation   
	Huaimo Chen [10 min]
9..       RFC 5575-bis: Dissemination of Flow Specification Rules   
	Christoph Loibl [10]
10.   Detection and Mitigation of BGP Route Leaks    
	Alexander / Sriram [10]
11.   Aggregating BGP routes in Massive Scale Data Centers   
	Jakob Heitz  [15 min]