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Meeting Agenda

We will go through the following agenda, with guiding questions:
       - Understanding what network intelligence is / could be, and defining
       guidelines for research and progress. - What to standardize for network
       intelligence or use of artificial intelligence techniques for network

       14:00  -  Welcome by IEEE NI and NMRG Chairs (5 min.)
       14:05  -  Presentation of IEEE NI objectives and roadmap (5 min.)
       14:10  -  Presentation of NMRG objectives and roadmap (5 min.)
       14:15  -  “Exploration” phase (75 min.)
         Open contributions to trigger discussion
  ACTION: Please share your contribution in advance to the meeting and focus on
  the essential point(s) to be discussed during the meeting, i.e. avoid lengthy
  technical presentations.

            15:30  -  16:00 Break

       16:00  -  Follow-up of exploration phase if necessary (max. 45 min.)
“Exploitation” phase
            . Identification of topics and tasks
            . Position paper(s)
 Document synthetizing the main outcomes of the meeting.
       17:50  -  Conclusions, next steps and meetings (10min.)