Meeting Agenda Network Virtualization Overlays (nvo3) WG
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Last updated 2018-01-12

Meeting Agenda

   Scope: Progress the NVO3 security requirements and architecture to a state that
they are acceptable for starting a WG last call for draft-geneve.

Draft agenda:
1. Note well, meeting logistics, and introduction (chairs, 5 min)

2. GENEVE Security Requirements (20 min)

    - draft-mglt-nvo3-geneve-security-requirements-01 (Sami Boutros/Daniel

3. GENEVE Security Architecture (20 min)

    - draft-mglt-nvo3-geneve-security-architecture-00 (Daniel Migault)

4. Discussion on moving forward with security drafts (Chairs, 10 min)

5. Closing (chairs, 2 min)