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Last updated 2019-05-14

Meeting Agenda

This will be a combined event with the CalConnect conference.  In-person
attendance is possible at the Bedford Centre Hotel, 2 St. Mary's lane, Bedford,
United Kingdom.  Signs to the meeting room will be posted at the hotel.  There
is also an open codefest in the same location on the 3rd.


Discuss in-progress drafts: 30 min
* jscalendar
* scheduling controls

Discuss proposed next drafts to address: 30 min
* vpoll
* subscription upgrade
* scheduling for jscalendar

Future possible work: 15 min
* ischedule redux
* calendar sharing informational drafts
* valarm extensions
* caldav sync / proxy

Other business:
* discussion of work process and review process for ongoing standards work
coming from CalConnect * tzdist relationship