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Meeting Agenda

NMRG 53rd meeting
Interim meeting, San Jose, CA, USA

Our group will hold a multi-day interim meeting on 13-14 June 2019:
  Session 1: 2019-06-13 / 09:30 to 17:30  PDT
  Session 2: 2019-06-14 / 09:30 to 13:30  PDT

* Meeting Location:
  Nokia office
  5390 Hellyer Avenue, San Jose, 95138, CA, USA

* Agenda:
  The meeting will focus on Intent Based Networking (IBN) and on making
  progress on the current work items, tentatively covering: - Concepts
  definition and terminology - Architecture: requirements, principles,
  properties, functions/services, enablers, theory of operations,
  interworking/integration with other architectures/frameworks, human-network
  interface, intents definitions, formats and models... - Use cases: e.g. data
  centers and interconnection, 5G "verticals", other use cases to be
  proposed/discussed... including common parts ("template") such as actors,
  examples of intents, learnings, evaluation... - Problem statement, research
  challenges and goals - Miscellaneous: evaluation, implementation, proof of
  concept, standards path

* Meeting preparation and operation:
  - Call for contribution: presentations on one or multiple of the above
  topics, or related, are welcome to support and drive the discussion. please
  inform me if you intend (pun) to present stuff. - Background materials: if
  you'd like to share background material useful for the discussion, please
  inform me, I will put the materials on the meeting page. - Switch between
  exploration and exploitation type of sessions to do both brainstorm/technical
  discussion and editing on documents. - Suggestion on topics, work methods,
  etc. are welcome.

* Remote participation:
  Remote participation is not planned for this meeting.