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Meeting Agenda

NMRG Virtual Meeting May 2019
Thursday 23-05-2019 17:00-19-00 CEST

* Agenda:
* Materials: * Webex: *

00-05 Short introduction of new co-chair: Jérôme.
05-10 Status of the WG, next meetings, etc.
10-60 Status progress on Intent Based Networking topic
      - IBN Challenges and Research
50-80 Network AI Challenge project
      - Interest expressed from Vishnu Ram (ITU-T ML5G FG)
      - Draft framework, Jérôme & Laurent
80-95 Modus Operandi for virtual meetings
- What is working well and not
- Dedicated meeting per topic? Alternate meetings per time zone
- Input: more proactive, only presentations or something more/different
- Output: minutes and actions, need more?
- How to follow-up between meetings? I-D updates, central place for work plan,
progress and issue tracking, back-end / front-end