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Meeting Agenda

NMRG 55th meeting
Interim meeting, ETS Montreal, Canada
Friday 26-07-2019 09:30-16:30 EDT

* RG Chair:
   Laurent Ciavaglia
   Jéröme François

* Meeting Location:
  ÉTS Montreal
  1100 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H3C 1K3, Canada
  4th Floor
  Department of Software and IT Engineering
  Room A4458 (the room is inside the department)
  How to access: From ETS entrance, take the elevators that are next to the
  Cafeteria. Go to 4th floor and go to the department of Software and IT

* Registration:
  Participation is free, registration is appreciated:

* Remote participation:

* Useful links:
   Agenda and Materials:

* Agenda:
  ** The meeting will focus on Intent Based Networking (IBN) and on making
  progress on the current work items, tentatively covering:
     - Concepts definition and terminology
     - Intent examples and validation scenarios, use cases
     - Architecture: requirements, principles, properties, functions/services,
     enablers, theory of operations, interworking/integration with other
     frameworks, human-network interface...

  ** Pleased come prepared:
     - Read the active Internet Drafts

     - Think about examples of intents and how to validate them (on a scenario,
     on a logical flow, who are the actors/roles involved...)

  ** Schedule:
         9h30-10h       Welcome and coffee
         10h-12h        Morning session
         12h-13h        Lunch break
         13h-14h30      Afternoon session I
         14h30-15h      Coffee break
         15h-16h30      Afternoon session II

  ** Agenda items: (to be announced)
     1. Introduction, Chairs
     2. ...
     3. ...
     4. ...
     5. ...