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Meeting Agenda Benchmarking Methodology (bmwg) WG
Date and time 2020-05-15 15:00
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Last updated 2020-05-13

BMWG Interim Meeting (Post IETF-107)

WG Status
WG Drafts:
 - EVPN - status: IESG processing (AD Reviewed - more editing)
 - Next Generation Firewall Benchmarking
 - Back-to-Back Frame (Update to RFC2544)
 - Multiple Loss Ratio Search
 - Probabilistic Loss Ratio Search
 - Network Function Service Density
   draft-mkonstan-nf-service-density (expired),
   revisit the overall problem space, explore tighter collaboration options
 - Benchmarking Methodology for EVPN VPWS
 - Benchmarking Methodology for EVPN Multi-casting