Agenda interim-2020-cfrg-01: Wed 09:00

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Meeting Agenda

CFRG Agenda
CFRG Interim Meeting

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
16:00 - 17:30 UTC, Virtual

Chairs:  Alexey Melnikov, Nick Sullivan, Stanislav Smyshlyaev

16:00 CFRG Update
    (5 mins, chairs)

16:05 Status of PAKE process
    (10+10; chairs)

16:25 Approaches to the problem of making PAKEs quantum-safe
    (15+5; Oleg Taraskin)

16:45 Threshold crypto
    (10+5, Phillip Hallam-Baker)

17:00 Additional parameter sets for LMS
    (5+5, Scott Fluhrer)

17:10 Deterministic ECDSA and EdDSA Signatures with Noise
    (5+5; John Mattsson)
17:20 AOB