Meeting Agenda Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4) WG
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Last updated 2020-03-17

Meeting Agenda

Introdiction including NOTE WELL and agenda bashing (D. Noveck, 10 min.)
Quick review of document status and issues (D. Noveck, 5 min.)
Discussion of plans for draft-ietf-nfsv4-delstid. (T. Haynes, 15 min.)
Summary of objections and change in direction for
draft-ietf-nfsv4-integrity-measurement. (C. Lever, 15 min.) Discussion of
progress and remaining issues for RPC-over-RDMA Version 2  (C. Lever, 15 min.)
Description of current and expected work in providing cleanup for NFSv4
internationalization (D. Noveck, 10 min.) Discussion of issues and choices in
providing a new standards-track document dealing with NFSv4 security (D.
Noveck, 20 min.) Discussion of plans and choices for an eventual rfc5661bis (D.
Noveck, 10 min.) Evaluation of meeting and suggestions for improvement (All,
whatever's left)