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Meeting Agenda Transport Area Working Group (tsvwg) WG
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Last updated 2020-02-19

TSVWG Virtual Interim Agenda (2/20/2020 - 9am-11am US/Eastern)

Meeting link:

Meeting number: 648 364 638

Password: DuyqGcre

WebEx tip for Linux users on Chrome - try to connect using the "Web App" option.

1. Agenda bashing (chairs - 1 min)

2. Plan for Vancouver (David Black's charts - ~10min)

3. Some Congestion Experienced (Morton/Heist/Grimes/etc.? - ~30 min)

4. Update on status and near-term plans for the set of L4S drafts (Bob? - 4 min)

5. Update on L4S & TCP Prague implementation, test, evaluation (Greg/Bob/Koen?
- 15 min)

6. L4S Issues List Discussion (goal is to see if we can agree on what more
needs to be done on each issue to suffice for Experimental/Informational RFCs):

    6.1 Discuss status on (Bob - ~30 min):
          #16 on classic ECN interaction
          #21 CE codepoint semantics (closely related to #16)
          #20 ECT(1) codepoint usage

    6.2  Discuss plans forward to address (Bob - ~15 min):
          #26 on admission control
          #27 on terminology
          #22 on deployment feasibility
          #24 on evaluation & testing results
          #28 on DualQ suitability

    6.3 (We will try to handle the issues below by mailing list prior to the
        If needed, discuss close-out of (~15 min):
          #25 on IPR
          #18 on loss detection in time-units
          #23 on implementation status
          #19 on the single codepoint
          #17 on FQ interaction