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Meeting Agenda Transport Area Working Group (tsvwg) WG
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Last updated 2020-04-27

TSWG Interim 2: ECT(1)

0700-0930 UTC-7 (San Francisco)
1000-1230 UTC-4 (Boston)
1500-1730 UTC+1 (London)
1600-1830 UTC+2 (Berlin)
2200-0030[+1] UTC+8 

WG Chairs: Gorry Fairhurst (remote), David Black  (remote), Wes Eddy (remote)

1. Agenda (5 mins)

2. Chairs Update: (5 mins)
        Note Well

3. L4S and ECN
        Overview of slides (20 mins)
4. Discussion of ECT(1)
        Discussion of slides (40 mins)

5. Chairs Summary of Position