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Meeting Agenda IAB Workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End-Users (mnqeuws) Team
Date and time 2021-09-16 14:00
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Synthesis 1
14:00   Chairs’ Intro
14:10   Sandor Laki, Szilveszter Nadas, Balazs Varga, Luis M. Contreras.
Incentive-Based Traffic Management and QoS Measurements 14:17   Satadal
Segupta, Hyojoon Kim, Jennifer Rexford. Fine-Grained RTT Monitoring Inside the
Network 14:24   Al Morton. Dream-Pipe or Pipe-Dream: What Do Users Want (and
how can we assure it)? 14:31   Discussion Synthesis 2 15:00   Kalevi Kilkki,
Benajamin Finley. In Search of Lost QoS 15:07   Neil Davies, Peter Thompson.
Measuring Network Impact on Application Outcomes using Quality Attenuation
15:14   Mingrui Zhang, Vidhi Goel, Lisong Xu. User-Perceived Latency to measure
CCAs 15:21   Discussion 16:00   Break Synthesis 3 16:10   Christoph Paasch,
Randall Meyer, Stuart Cheshire, Omer Shapira. Responsiveness under Working
Conditions 16:17   Bob Briscoe, Greg White, Vidhi Goel and Koen De Schepper. A
single common metric to characterize varying packet delay 16:24   Christoph
Paasch, Kristen McIntyre, Randall Meyer, Stuart Cheshire, Omer Shapira. An
end-user approach to the Internet Score 16:31   Discussion 17:00   Final
Remarks 18:00   End of Day 3