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Meeting Agenda

Abstract: Long-distance quantum entanglement distribution is a revolutionary
idea that aims to harness quantum physics's power to enhance the way we
transfer information. A real implementation of these networks will have
applications from ultra-secure networking and distributed quantum computing to
the unprecedented sensitivity of distributed quantum sensor networks. Though
the promise is unique, we are still years away from a real-world, large-scale
quantum network that would allow multiple quantum devices to work together
efficiently, outside the laboratory space and plugged into the current
telecommunication infrastructure. Qunnect's mission is to address the hardware
challenges of realizing telecom integrated quantum networks, one module at a
time while ensuring scalability. Throughout this talk, we will discuss
Qunnect's room-temperature approach to quantum memories, quantum repeaters, and
the challenges that lay ahead to accelerate long-distance quantum networks'

Speaker bio: Mehdi is the cofounder and Chief Science Officer of Qunnect Inc.
He graduated with his Ph.D. in AMO Physics at SBU's Quantum Information
Processing & Technology laboratory in 2018. During his Ph.D., Mehdi worked
on several aspects of quantum communication technologies. Most notably, he
realized the first unconditional room-temperature quantum memory, securely
storing information and performing quantum key distribution protocols and
simulating relativistic quantum particles using light-matter interactions. In
2018, Mehdi was awarded the Yale Joint Quantum Institute Postdoctoral
Fellowship to work on novel quantum optomechanical systems that would allow for
ultra-precise measurement of fundamental constants. He served as the CEO of
Qunnect during the initial years and eventually transitioned to the Chief
Science Officer in 2020.

Company bio: Qunnect is building a scalable product suite to upgrade and
enhance telecommunications infrastructure with quantum capabilities. URL: