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Meeting Agenda Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance (avtcore) WG
Date and time 2022-02-15 17:30
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Last updated 2022-02-14

Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance (avtcore) Working Group

CHAIRS:  Jonathan Lennox
         Bernard Aboba

Virtual Interim Agenda
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
9:30 - 11 AM Pacific Time

Meeting URL:


1. Preliminaries (Chairs, 15 min)
Note Well, Note Takers, Agenda Bashing, Draft status
Liaison from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 03:
Proposed response:

2. Cryptex (Sergio Garcia Murillo, 5 min)

3. Low overhead authentication tags (H. Alvestrand, 10 min)

4. RTP over QUIC (J. Ott, M. Engelbart, 15 min)

5. SDP for RTP over QUIC (Spencer Dawkins 10 min)

6. RTP Payload for V3C (Lauri Ilola, 15 min)

7. RTP Payload for SCIP (Daniel Hanson, 10 minutes)

8. Wrapup and Next Steps (Chairs, 10 min)