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Meeting Agenda Revision of core Email specifications (emailcore) WG
Date and time 2022-12-07 16:30
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Last updated 2022-12-05

Interim meeting on 7th of December 2022

Chairs:  Alexey Melnikov and Todd Herr

Administrivia (5 min; chairs)

Tickets for Message Format & SMTP drafts:

Received/Return-Path/trace header fields

#74 Syntax of Received header field need to be clarified

Clarify extensibility of different types of header fields
(including trace) and where they can appear in a message.

#81 Separate registry for Trace Header Fields?

Tickets for the SMTP draft:

#76 G.22. IANA Registration Model for Registries Other
    Than Service Extensions

#67 Additional-registered-clauses subregistry needs to be
properly defined in the IANA Considerations section

#56 Relax IANA registration policy for SMTP extensions
 -- final review and either "no change" or
    settle on a more flexible policy

#75 G.21. Appendix B and Message Submission

Tickets for the A/S draft:

#80 G.6. Clarify where the protocol stands with respect to
    submission and TLS issues

#38 Possible clarification of 78 octet limit versa
    the 998 line length limit)
 -- Decide on draft text or close

#66 Recommendation about timezones to use in Date and
    Received header fields