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IDR interim meeting agenda 2022-01-24

Meeting Agenda Inter-Domain Routing (idr) WG
Date and time 2022-01-24 15:00
Title IDR interim meeting agenda 2022-01-24
State Active
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Last updated 2022-01-18

IDR interim meeting 2022-01-24 Agenda

1. BGP routes with color (BGP-CT, BGP-CAR) - 1 hour
2. BGP Autoconfiguration - 0.5 hour
3. BGP Flowspec v2 - 0.5 hour

We have 2.5 hours scheduled for the meeting, so we some elasticity for the
timing, if needed.

Our tentative agenda:

BGP routes with color:
- A review of the problem space, including brief status of the overlapping
  work in SPRING.
- Review of proposals.  The authors are encouraged to start the session with
  the short-form of their proposal presentations from prior IETF and include
  changes since the last presentations of them.
- Open discussion on the commonalities between the proposals and known
  advantages or open issues of each mechanism.
- Discussion about Working Group adoption of one or both of the proposals.

BGP Autoconfiguration:
- A brief update on the current status of the proposals to date vs. the
  design team requirements.
- Presentations on changes to the proposals. (Currently, only an update for
  draft-acee-idr-lldp-peer-discovery has been requested.)
- Open discussion about what problem spaces the Working Group will want to
  adopt proposals for.  Adoption discussion to follow.

BGP Flowspec v2:
- Updates from Sue and Donald on the proposal.
- Discussion of open issues to be resolved.