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Meeting Agenda IETF-IEEE (ietfieee) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-02-24 17:00
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Last updated 2022-06-10


1. Welcome, roll call, agenda bashing

2. Action item updates

  In Progress:

    - None

3. IETF New Work summary

    - Computing-Aware Networking (CAN)
      Area: Routing

    - Media Over QUIC (MOQ) - Applications and Real-Time Area

    - Secure Credential Transfer (SECRET)
      Area: Applications and Real-Time
      • Held interim BOF on 2022-02-10

    - Source Address Validation in Intra-domain and Inter-domain
      Networks (SAVNET)
      Area: Internet

4. 802 New Work summary

    - 802-Rev - Standard - Overview and Architecture, PAR Revision

    - 802.1Qdt - Amendment: Priority-based Flow Control Enhancements,
      PAR and CSD

    - 802.1DU - Standard for Cut-Through Forwarding Bridges and Bridged
      Networks, PAR and CSD

    - 802.3dg - Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management
      Parameters for 100Mb/s Operation and Associated Power Delivery
      over a Single Balanced Pair of Conductors, PAR and CSD

    - 802.15.12 - Standard for Enhanced Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) Physical
      Layers (PHYs) and Associated MAC Enhancements, PAR Withdrawal

    - 802.15.6a - Amendment: Dependable Human and Vehicle Body Area
      Networks, PAR Withdrawal and CSD

    - 802.15.6ma - Standard -  Wireless Body Area Networks, PAR Revision
      and CSD

5. Review current coordination items

6. Future meeting plans

7. Adjourn