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Meeting Agenda Internet Architecture Board (iab) IETF
Date and time 2023-02-08 15:00
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Last updated 2023-02-06

IAB Business Meeting: 2023-02-08

0700-0800 US/Canada Pacific 
0800-0900 US/Canada Mountain 
0900-1000 US/Canada Central 
1000-1100 US/Canada Eastern 
1500-1600 UTC
1500-1600 United Kingdom 
1600-1700 Germany 
1700-1800 Finland 
2300-0000 (next day) China 

Webex: <⁨⁩>

Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-479-3208 

Access code: 644 905 221 

Meeting password: 1@Bmeet

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

1.1. Attendance 

1.2. Agenda bash and announcements 

1.3. Meeting Minutes - <5 mins (Public)

  • 2023-01-11 business meeting - (draft submitted 2023-01-11) 

  • 2023-02-01 business meeting - (draft submitted 2023-02-01) 

1.4. Action Item Review - 5 mins (Public)


  • 2022-12-07: Cindy Morgan to send draft-iab-path-signals-
    collaboration to the RFC Editor pending a new revision from the 

  • 2023-01-25: Cindy Morgan to invite the ISOC BOT incumbent to IAB 
    meeting on 2023-02-01.

  • 2023-02-01: David Schinazi to confirm with Martin Thomson that 
    he is okay with adding a note to the "IAB Members at Time of 
    Approval" section of draft-iab-protocol-maintenance that concerns 
    were expressed in the IETF community about how broadly it applies 
    in all situations.

  • 2023-02-01: Cindy Morgan to set up agenda wiki pages for IETF 

On Hold: 

  • 2021-11-17: Mirja Kühlewind and Cindy Morgan to put together some 
    options for the IAB Website revamp for the IAB to review. (Work 
    progressing in the background)
In Progress:

  • 2022-11-23: Liaison Coordinators to add information about potential 
    candidates to reach out to for future IAB-appointed positions to 
    the private IAB wiki.

  • 2023-01-25: Cullen Jennings to set up a technical discussion on 
    end-to-end encryption and user identity management.

  • 2023-01-25: Mallory Knodel and Jari Arkko to follow up with Mark 
    Nottingham about the IAB's discussion of draft-nottingham-avoiding-

  • 2023-02-01: Colin Perkins to confirm whether GAIA chairs are 
    available for a review at IETF 116.

1.5. IAB Document Status Update - <5 mins (Public)

      I-D Exists, IAB stream 
      IAB Shepherd: Mirja Kühlewind
      * See agenda item below
    • draft-iab-path-signals-collaboration-03
      Sent to the RFC Editor: Informational 
      IAB Shepherd: N/A

    • draft-iab-privacy-partitioning-00
      Active IAB Document
      IAB Shepherd: David Schinazi

    • draft-iab-protocol-maintenance-12
      Sent to the RFC Editor: Informational 
      IAB Shepherd: Tommy Pauly	

    • draft-iab-ws-environmental-impacts-report-00 
      Active IAB Document
      IAB Shepherd: Wes Hardaker

1.6. WG Chartering in Progress (Initial Charters Only) <5 mins (Public)


    • Time Variant Routing (TVR)
      External Review (Initial Chartering)
      IESG Telechat: 2023-02-16
      IAB Reviewer: Russ White

2. draft-arkko-iab-data-minimization-principle-03 (Jari) - 5 mins 

  Goal: Next steps

  Open action items:

  • 2022-11-06: Jari Arkko to update draft-arkko-iab-data-minimization-
    principle based on the IAB discussion at IETF 115. 

  • 2022-12-07: Cindy Morgan to send a message to arch-d list about 
    possible adoption of draft-arkko-iab-data-minimization-rinciple 
    once Jari Arkko updates the document and confirms that the message 
    is ready to go.

3. Liaison Statement to ITU-T SG13 on Update on Quantum Networking 
   (Mirja, Liaison Coordinators) - 10 mins (Public)

  Goal: Review draft text

4. A Vision Statement for the Internet (Mallory, Mirja) - 15 mins 

  Open action item:

    • 2022-07-24: Mallory Knodel and Mirja Kühlewind to draft a 
      document outlining the architectural principles that the IAB 
      thinks are important and need to be understood when considering 
      Internet governance. 	

5. Research and Analysis of Standard-Setting Processes (RASPRG) PRG 
   (Colin) - 10 mins (Public)

  Draft charter:

  Goal: Does the IAB approve this charter?

6. Next IAB Meeting (Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

  Goal: Does the IAB need to meet on 2023-02-15?

7. Executive Session: Process Discussion (David)


• 2023-02-15: IAB Technical Discussion (Reserved)
• 2023-02-22: IAB Business Meeting
  - ISOC BOT Update (with Laura Thomson)
  - Executive Session: ISOC BOT Appointment
• 2023-03-01: IAB Business Meeting (Reserved)
• 2023-03-08: IAB Business Meeting
  - BOF coverage
• 2023-03-15: IAB Technical Discussion (Reserved)
• 2023-03-25 - 2023-03-31: IETF 116


• Ready for call on feedback for adoption: draft-arkko-iab-data-
  minimization-principle (February 1 or 8)
• Liaison tool RFC4053bis document (Tommy)
• IAB Website revamp (Cindy/Mirja)
• EDM Program Review
• GAIA Review (post-116)
• DNS Root Server Maintenance document (Wes)


• Fragmentation (Mirja)
• Universal Broadband (Micah Beck, organized by Russ)