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Meeting Agenda More Instant Messaging Interoperability (mimi) WG
Date and time 2023-09-13 19:00
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Last updated 2023-09-08



  • Chairs, 5 minutes

User discovery requirements

Before we can discuss and evaluate any drafts on user discovery, the working
group needs to discuss and agree upon requirements for discovery. We'll hear
from a number of presenters and have plenty of time for discussion. We do
not expect to arrive at a consensus on requirements during this session.

  • Jonathan Rosenberg, 45 minutes
  • Eric Rescorla, 20 minutes
  • Giles Hogben, 20 minutes
  • Vittorio Bertola, 20 minutes

User discovery solutions (time permitting)

  • Giles Hogben
  • Vittorio Bertola
  • Jonathan Rosenberg