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Meeting Agenda Inter-Domain Routing (idr) WG
Date and time 2024-05-20 14:00
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Last updated 2024-05-17

Agenda IDR Interim on BGP drafts for BGP-LS and Segment Routing

Date: 5/20/2024
Time: 10:00 - 11:30  EDT

0. Agenda Bashing and Chair's slides [5 minutes]

1.	SR Policies Extensions for Network Resource Partition in BGP-LS [15 minutes]
    draft-chen-idr-bgp-ls-sr-policy-nrp-05  [TBD]

2.	Advertising SID Algorithm Information in BGP [15 minutes]
   draft-peng-idr-segment-routing-te-policy-attr-10 [Yao Liu]

3.	BGP Extensions of SR Policy for Headend Behavior [15 minutes]
    draft-lin-idr-sr-policy-headend-behavior-03  [Changwang Lin]

4.	Segment Routing BGP Egress Peer Engineering over Layer 2 Bundle Members [15 minutes]
    draft-lin-idr-sr-epe-over-l2bundle-05 – [Changwang Lin]

5.	BGP SR Policy Extensions for template [15 minutes]
    draft-zhang-idr-sr-policy-template-03 [TBD]
6. Chair's summary and plans for adoption calls [5 minutes]