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Meeting Agenda Inter-Domain Routing (idr) WG
Date and time 2024-05-06 14:00
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Last updated 2024-05-05

Series of IDR Interims As Design team meetings to break Flow Specification v2
into manageable implementation specifications

5/6 - Design team 1 (FSv2 for Basic IP) AND
      Design team 2 (More IP /Filters )

0) Agenda Bashing + Introduction of design team members [5 minutes]
1) Short overview of Fsv2 for IP Basic [10 minutes]
   [draft-hares-idr-fsv2-ip-basic-01.txt] Susan Hares

2) Design Team 1: Questions on FSv2 for IP Basic [15 minutes]
   [7 questions from Design Team 1 wiki page]

3) Extended IP Filters - proposal and design team questions
   [10 minutes] [Sue Hares]

4) IP Application layer - UDP and Payload [10 minutes] [TBD]
   5.a draft-dmc-idr-flowspec-tn-awaqre-mobility -[5 minutes] [TBD]
   5.b draft-cui-idr-content-filter-flowspec-00 [5 minutes]
    Yong Cui and Yujia Gao

5) FSv1 Groups of Interfaces
    [Sue Hares and/or Jeff Haas]

6) Emerging Grouping concepts - Filters and Actions [15 minutes]
    6.a CATS:   draft-lin-idr-cats-flowspec-ts-00] [5 minutes] [TBD]
    6.b SAVnet: draft-geng-idr-flowspec-sav-03     [5 minutes] Nan Geng
    6.c APN:    draft-peng-idr-apn-flowspec [TBD]  [5 minutes] TBD

7) Design Team 2 - Questions on More IP filters   [15 minutes]
   [6 questiosn from Design Team 2 Wiki page]

5) Action items [10 minutes]

Topics for design teams
Design Team 1: Basic IP FSv2: Current IPv4/v6 filters + current actions + order
Design Team 2: More IP Filters FSv2 - Defining more IP filters to add to IP
Design Team 3: More IP actions FSv2 – Defining more actions  + action sequences
Design Team 4: Non-IP filters and actions FSv2

Meetings: 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 6/3, 6/10, and 6/17
Time: 10:00-11:30 am EDT (7-8:30am PDT) [90 minutes]
Design Team 1 Meets: 4/29, 6/3
Design Teams 1 and 2 Meet: 5/6, 6/10
Design Teams 3 and 4 Meet: 5/13, 6/17

Design team 1 (FSv2: Basic IP) Questions
1. Does the User Ordering Encoding support use cases for current DDOS scenarios?
2. What happens if multiple FSv2 filters are received with the same user order?
  FSv2 currently orders filters with the same user order by FSv1 component
  types (using FSv1 logic).

3. How should the FSv1 and FSv2 filters be merged.
The FSv2 initial draft put FSv1 after all FSv2 filters. A user knob provides
the number were the ID starts.

4. Does the NLRI format for user ordering allow for future additions of:
a. New IP Filters,
b. New Non-IP Filters, and
c. Dependency between filters (if a found, then test b filter)
d. How can we handle levels of filter

5. What happens if errors are detected in the parsing of the filters?
6. What happens if errors are detected when filters are used?
7. Are the validity checks sufficient?

Design team 2 (FSv2: More IP Filters) Questions
1. Does a version for the set of filter supported help deployment?
2. What IP filters do we need for IPv6 headers?
3. What IP Payload filters should we add?
4. What SRv6 Filters should we add?
5. What IPv4 or IPv6 filters have we missed?
6. What the concept of grouping impact filters (APN ID, CATS-ID, SAVNET ID)?
7. Can Groups be expressed in: a) filters and actions, or b) just in filters?