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Meeting Agenda Inter-Domain Routing (idr) WG
Date and time 2024-06-10 14:00
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Last updated 2024-06-09

Series of IDR Interims As Design team meetings to break
Flow Specification v2 into manageable implementation specifications

6/10 - Design team 1 (FSv2 for Basic IP) AND
      Design team 2 (More IP /Filters )
Focus: FSv2 Filters - Dependency between Filters + User Ordering
0) Agenda Bashing + Introduction of design team members [5 minutes]
1) Dependency Between versus Filter Ordering  [15 minutes]
   [draft-hares-idr-fsv2-ip-basic-03] Susan Hares

   This talk wil examine how dependency between filters
   can be encoded in an 8 octet Dependency field.
   The question is whether this dependency field should
   be added at the Filter level (IP, Extended IP, MPLS, L2, SFC)
   or just at the Extended IP Filters.

2) IP Application layer - UDP (Kausik Majumdar)
    draft-dmc-idr-flowspec-tn-aware-mobility -[15 minutes] [TBD]

3) Payload Filtering
   draft-cui-idr-content-filter-flowspec-01 [15 minutes]
    Yong Cui and Yujia Gao

4) Dependency using default component numbering [10 minutes]
  [draft-hares-fsv2-ip-basic-03] - see Table 3-1
  [draft-hares-fsv2-more-ip-filters-02] - See Section 2.

   Currently many people use the default component numbering.
   This talk will examine a potential global ordering of filters

5) Discussion on Filter Dependency versus Groups
   Groups provide filter information.
  Background reading:
    CATS:   draft-lin-idr-cats-flowspec-ts-00] [5 minutes] [TBD]
    6.b SAVnet: draft-geng-idr-flowspec-sav-03     [5 minutes] Nan Geng
    6.c APN:    draft-peng-idr-apn-flowspec [TBD]  [5 minutes] TBD

Design team 1 (FSv2: Basic IP) Questions
4. Does the NLRI format for user ordering allow for future additions of:
 a. New IP Filters,
 b. New Non-IP Filters, and
 c. Dependency between filters (if a found, then test b filter)
 d. How can we handle levels of filter

Design team 2 (FSv2: More IP Filters) Questions
1. Does dependency (version, dependency) btes
2. What IP filters do we need for UDP?
3. What IP filters do we need for the Payload?
4. How does Filter dependency interact with Groups?
   a. What the concept of grouping impact filters (APN ID, CATS-ID, SAVNET ID)?
   b. Groups be expressed in: a) filters and actions, or b) just in filters?