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Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers (DULT)

Document Type Approved BOF request
Title Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers (DULT)
Last updated 2023-09-28
State Approved
Editor Roman Danyliw
Responsible leadership
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Name: Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers (DULT)


Location-tracking accessories provide numerous benefits to users (such as being able to figure out where they left their keys this time!), but can also have security and privacy implications if used without their knowledge or consent. The DULT BoF at IETF 117 established consensus that there is IETF interest in working on this problem.

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Required Details

  • Status: WG Forming
  • Responsible AD: TBD
  • BOF proponents: Brent Ledvina <>, Zach Eddinger <>
  • BOF chairs: Alissa Cooper and Sean Turner
  • Number of people expected to attend: 100+
  • Length of session (1 or 2 hours): 2 hours
  • Conflicts (whole Areas and/or WGs)
  • Area conflicts: SEC
  • Chair Conflicts: MIMI
  • Technology Overlap: TBD
  • Key Participant Conflict: TBD

Information for IAB/IESG

  • Any protocols or practices that already exist in this space: Proprietary solutions by Apple, Google, Tile, Samsung, Chipolo, etc
  • Which (if any) modifications to existing protocols or practices are required: TBD
  • Which (if any) entirely new protocols or practices are required: TBD
  • Open source projects (if any) implementing this work: TBD