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Secure Credential Transfer BoF Request

Document Type Approved BOF request
Title Secure Credential Transfer BoF Request
Last updated 2022-01-18
State Approved
Editor Matt Byington
Responsible leadership
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Secure Credential Transfer


We presented the secure credential draft to Dispatch on Monday of IETF week (2021).
There was a lot of interest, but folks asked for additional detail on the problem statement, requirements, and use cases.
It was decided that we weren’t ready to form a WG right away and instead endeavored to schedule a BoF to review the above items prior to forming a WG. The goal is to allow users with secure credentials on their mobile devices to be able to shares entitlements that these credentials grant to other users. This would be achieved by defining and standardizing a protocol that will facilitate such credential transfers from individual to individual. The protocol will leverage a “relay server” to transfer data from sender to recipient. The scope of the transfer is limited to a single origin device and a single destination device. This system does not exist today in a standards-based, cross-platform and cross-channel capacity.
The goal of this BoF is to answer some of the questions that came up during the Dispatch meeting (such as, why can’t these credentials simply be lifted and cloned and then sent to the recipient?).
We also want to provide additional detail into the applicable use cases, and some of the security and privacy requirements for the solution.
The ultimate goal is to form a WG to discuss the initiative in an ongoing capacity.

Required Details

  • Status: WG Forming
  • Responsible AD: Francesca Palombini <>
  • BOF proponents: Matt Byington <>, Dmitry Vinokurov <>, Nick Sha <>
  • BOF chairs: TBD
  • Number of people expected to attend: 100
  • Length of session (1 or 2 hours): 2 hours
  • Conflicts (whole Areas and/or WGs)
  • Chair Conflicts: Not relevant
  • Technology Overlap: Not relevant
  • Key Participant Conflict: Not relevant


  • Welcome & Preliminary Notes
  • Use cases (speakers: Matt Byington, Nick Sha)
  • Requirements
  • WG charter
  • Q&A

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