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Event Streaming Open Network

The information below is for an older version of this BOF request.
Document Type Proposed BOF request Snapshot
Title Event Streaming Open Network
Last updated 2022-01-21
State Proposed
Responsible leadership
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Name: Event Streaming Open Network


Event-based approaches are popular for low-latency software communication needs. There is a plethora of vendor-specific solutions that companies adopt according to different characteristics of their use cases. However, there is not a clear common approach for events interchange over the Internet.

The objective of this BOF is to first discuss about the challenges of communicating event-driven systems over the Internet. Secondly, to describe an embryonic network architecture and protocol for this purpose based on the work "Event Streaming Open Network" (Spinella, 2022).

Required Details

  • Status: Non-WG Forming
  • Responsible AD: Francesca Palombini <>
  • BOF proponents: Emiliano Spinella <>
  • BOF chairs: TBD
  • Number of people expected to attend: 100
  • Length of session (1 or 2 hours): 1 hour
  • Conflicts (whole Areas and/or WGs)
  • Chair Conflicts: TBD
  • Technology Overlap: TBD
  • Key Participant Conflict: TBD


  • TBD