IPv6 Maintenance

The information below is for an older proposed charter
Document Proposed charter IPv6 Maintenance WG (6man) Snapshot
Title IPv6 Maintenance
Last updated 2013-08-28
State Draft Charter Rechartering
WG State Active
IESG Responsible AD Erik Kline
Charter Edit AD (None)
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The 6man working group is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and advancement 
of the IPv6 protocol specifications and addressing architecture. It is not chartered to 
develop major changes or additions to the IPv6 specifications. The working group will 
address protocol limitations/issues discovered during deployment and operation. It will 
also serve as a venue for discussing the proper location for working on IPv6-related 
issues within the IETF. 

The 6MAN WG will review all proposed extensions to IPv6 developed in other working 
groups to ensure that they are consistent with the IPv6 architecture and specifications. 

The working group's work items are as follows: 

        - Resolve open issues with “U/G” bits in Interface Identifiers 
        - Develop approach for IPv6 Fragmentation 
        - Develop approaches for IPv6 Extension Headers (Hop-by-Hop and Destination) 
        - Extensions/changes to core IPv6 protocols such as IPv6 Neighbor Discovery 
        - New IPv6 over <FOO> approaches if appropriate for 6MAN 
        - Advance IPv6 core specifications to Internet standard

All new work items not listed above require the approval of the working group and the 
sponsoring Area Director before they will be taken on by the working group.