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Document Charter ADSL MIB WG (adslmib)
Last updated 1998-05-27
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Benoît Claise
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The working group will define:

  1. A set of managed objects to handle the bonding of xDSL lines
    according to the ITU-T Recommendations G.998.1 (ATM), G.998.2 (Ethernet)
    and G.998.3 (TDIM). A common MIB module will be developed to handle the
    common objects and three specific MIB modules will be developed to
    handle the three separate layer-2 technologies. Use will be made of the
    ifStack and ifInvStack Tables defined in RFC 2863 and RFC 2864
    respectively. Use will also be made of the ifCapStack and ifInvCapStack
    tables as defined in RFC 5066. The Broadband forum TR-159 will be used
    in the definition of these MIBs.

  2. The working group will develop a set of managed objects as an
    optional extension to RFC 5650 that shall provide an alternative
    approach, known as the "Vector of Profiles", for the configuration of
    DSL lines. The Vector of Profiles MIB will be based on the Broadband
    Forum TR-165 document. The ITU-T G.997.1 will also be considered in the
    definition of this extension.

The MIB modules defined by this group will be generated using SMIv2,
will be consistent with the SNMP management framework, and will
describe the relationship of the objects defined to existing MIBs such
as those described in other work products of this Working Group, the
interfaces MIB, the Ethernet MIB modules and the AToM MIB.