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Binary Floor Control Protocol Bis

Document Charter Binary Floor Control Protocol Bis WG (bfcpbis) Snapshot
Title Binary Floor Control Protocol Bis
Last updated 2020-03-25
State Approved
WG State Active
IESG Responsible AD Murray Kucherawy
Charter edit AD Murray Kucherawy
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The BFCPBIS working group is chartered to specify a revision of BFCP (RFC 4582)
to support using both TCP and UDP as transports. The current version of BFCP
only supports TCP, which when both endpoints are behind NATs or firewalls, has
a lower success rate than using the ICE techniques with a UDP based transport
for BFCP.  The need for video endpoints to work in these types of environments
is driving a strong need to support a UDP based transport as well as TCP.

  This WG will create a revision of RFC 4582 which adds optional support for
  UDP to BFCP. The security when using UDP will be based on DTLS. The updated
  protocol will use an existing approach (e.g., stop and wait with a single
  outstanding transaction) to provide a reliable, congestion safe, and TCP
  friendly transport.

  In addition to providing a way for dealing with the reliable delivery of
  client-initiated transactions, the updated protocol will also be able to
  deliver server-initiated transactions reliably when needed. The WG will
  research the size of messages used and decide if fragmenting a request or
  response over multiple UDP packets is required.  The new protocol will be
  backwards compatible with RFC 4582 when used in TCP mode.

  The BFCPBIS WG will coordinate closely with the MMUSIC WG to create a
  revision of RFC 4583 specifying how BFCP is signaled in SDP so that it
  supports UDP as well as TCP transports.  This WG would ask the MMUSIC WG to
  add a milestone to create a revisions of  RFC 4583 to address signaling the
  use of UDP in SDP. The WG will coordinate with International Multimedia
  Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) and other industry fora.