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Commercial Internet Protocol Security Option

Document Charter Commercial Internet Protocol Security Option WG (cipso)
Title Commercial Internet Protocol Security Option
Last updated 1995-03-07
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The Commercial Internet Protocol Security Option Working Group is
chartered to define an IP security option that can be used to pass security
information within and between security domains. This new security option
will be modular in design to provide developers with a single software
environment which can support multiple security domains.

The CIPSO protocol will support a large number of security domains. New
security domains will be registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority (IANA) and will be available with minimal difficulty to all

There is currently in progress another IP security option referred to as
IPSO (RFC 1108). IPSO is designed to support the security labels used by
the US Department of Defense. CIPSO will be designed to provide labeling for
the commercial, US civilian and non-US communities.

The Trusted Systems Interoperability Group (TSIG) has developed a document
which defines a structure for the proposed CIPSO option. The working group
will use this document as a foundation for developing an IETF CIPSO