Council of Registrars Database

Document Charter Council of Registrars Database WG (coredb)
Title Council of Registrars Database
Last updated 2000-10-10
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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Enhancements to the gTLD DNS space will entail sharing a registration 
base (repository) among mutually suspicious registrars.  For this
operation to succeed, a reliable and efficient method must be defined 
achieving that sharing.  This Working Group will specify the functional
requirements and specify or select the protocol to be used for such a
There are three main participatnts in a shared gTLD repository:
Applicants (users), Registrars, and the Repository.  The Registrars take
applications from end-users and submit create, modify, and delete 
to the central repository. This Working Group will define a protocol for
the interaction of the Registrars and the central repository i.e., a
shared database. This group will also define a set of templates that the
registrars will accept and the maping of those templates into request 
Repository will process.
This working group will focus on transitioning from the system 
by CORE to a robust open standard. The group will look at scaleing and
security issues, define a transition plan, define protocols for
interaction between system components, and define database objects. The
group will work twards a system that scales to 100's of millions of
objects while not excludeing implementstions from the use of distributed
Security concerns will include authenticated and private exchanges 
registrars and the repository, and to migration of applicants entries
between registrars in a manner that satisfies CORE policies, for example
preventing "theft" of accounts.

The working group will coordinate it's effort where necessary with other
working groups (in particular RIDE) for data formats that are already
defined or use the guidelines put forward by said groups.