Domain Boundaries

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 00-03 and is now closed.

Ballot question: "Do we approve of this charter?"

(Stephen Farrell) Yes

Barry Leiba Yes

(Jari Arkko) No Objection

(Alia Atlas) No Objection

Deborah Brungard No Objection

(Ben Campbell) No Objection

(Spencer Dawkins) No Objection

Comment (2015-04-08 for -00-03)
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Just a nit:

In this text:

"This working group will not seek to amend the consuming protocols
themselves (standards for any web, email, or other such protocols)
without rechartering, and such rechartering will only be considered after
completion of the base work."

I was guessing that these emendations would happen in working groups that are responsible for the protocols, but this paragraph makes it sound like this working group would be rechartered to do that work. Is that what you intend to happen?

(Brian Haberman) No Objection

(Joel Jaeggli) No Objection

(Terry Manderson) No Objection

(Kathleen Moriarty) No Objection

Alvaro Retana No Objection

(Martin Stiemerling) No Objection