Data Link Switching MIB

Document Charter Data Link Switching MIB WG (dlswmib)
Title Data Link Switching MIB
Last updated 2001-04-05
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The DLSw MIB Working Group is chartered to define a set of managed
objects for devices that support Data Link Switching (DLSw) version 1.
DLSw is a method for encapsulating SNA (System Network Architecture) or
NetBIOS (Network Basic Input Output Services) traffic in TCP/IP. DLSw
is intended to aid in the transport of SNA and NetBIOS traffic across
WANs. The objects will be the minimum necessary to provide the ability
to monitor and control DLSw devices, supporting fault isolation,
configuration and performance management. The set of objects will be
consistent with the SNMP framework and existing SNMP standards.

The working group will consider existing enterprise-specific MIB
modules that define objects which support management of these devices.

The working group recognizes that managed objects for later versions of
DLSw  may need to be identified in the future.  These objects are out
of scope for the current (i.e., 1995) charter; however, once the
working group completes its charter, a new charter identifying some or
all of these components may be considered.