The information below is for an older proposed charter
Document Proposed charter DNS Over HTTPS WG (doh) Snapshot
Title DNS Over HTTPS
Last updated 2017-09-06
State Start Chartering/Rechartering (Internal Steering Group/IAB Review)
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Barry Leiba
Charter Edit AD Adam Roach
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DNS queries sometimes experience problems with end-to-end connectivity at
times and places where HTTPS flows freely. The use of HTTPS provides integrity
and confidentiality, and it also allows the transport to interoperate with
common HTTP infrastructure and policy.

The working group will standardize how HTTP clients can encode DNS queries and
interpret DNS responses.

The working group will use best-practice HTTP semantics.

Specification of how the DNS data may used for new use cases, and the
discovery of the DOH servers, are out of scope for the working group.

The working group will begin its work based on

The working group will deliver a document describing how to obtain and
interpret DNS information using the HTTP protocol, with an IETF Last Call
expected in December 2017.