Entity MIB

Document Charter Entity MIB WG (entmib)
Title Entity MIB
Last updated 2006-02-13
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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This working group is chartered to standardize a set of managed
objects representing logical and physical entities and the
relationships between them. Logical entities can occur when a
single agent supports multiple instances of one MIB, such as
RFCs 1493, 1525, or 1850 where each instance represents a
single (logical) device/entity. Physical entities are the actual
physical components on which the logical entities operate;
typically, the physical components exist in a hierarchy.

The set of objects will be consistent with the SNMP framework and
existing SNMP standards.

The scope of the defined managed objects should allow an NMS to
interrogate a standard SNMP context and thereby discover what
logical and physical entities exist, how to access the MIB
information of each logical entity, and the relationships between
the various entities. The MIB should support both a single agent
or multiple agents in one physical entity.

The WG will also standardize a set of managed objects representing
sensor entities.  Sensor entities are physical entities that report
a value based on external conditions, such as temperature sensors, 
power monitors, etc.  The Sensor Entity MIB will augment the basic 
Entity MIB to allow an NMS to obtain the value reported by a sensor.
This MIB will not contain internal support for alarms or
thresholds, but should work with standard alarm and threshold MIBs,
such as RMON-2.