Ethernet MIB

Document Charter Ethernet MIB WG (ethermib) Snapshot
Title Ethernet MIB
Last updated 1993-02-02
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Deirdre Kostick
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This Working Group is charged with resolving the outstanding
conformance issues with the Ethernet MIB in preparation for
its elevation from Proposed to Draft Standard status.
Specifically, this Working Group shall:

(1)  Develop a document explaining the rationale for assigning
     MANDATORY status to MIB variables which are optional in
     the relevant IEEE 802.3 specification (the technical
     basis for the Internet Ethernet MIB). This shall not be a
     standards-track document.

(2)  Develop an implementation report on the Ethernet MIB.
     This report shall cover MIB variables which are
     implemented in both Ethernet interface chips, and in
     software (i.e., drivers), and discuss the issues
     pertaining to both.  This report shall also summarize
     field experience with the MIB variables, especially
     concentrating on those variables which are in dispute.
     This document shall not be a standards-track document.
     While the Ethernet MIB is progressing through the
     standardization process, this document shall be
     periodically updated to reflect the latest implementation
     and operational experience.

(3)  Work to reconcile the differences regarding MANDATORY and
     OPTIONAL MIB variables with the IEEE 802.3 Management

(4)  Extend explicit invitations to the members, reviewers,
     and participants of the IEEE 802.3 committee to
     participate in the Working Group's efforts. This will
     ensure that as much Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 expertise
     as possible is available.

(5)  Maintain a liaison with the IEEE 802.3 committee. All
     documents produced by the Working Group will be forwarded
     to the IEEE 802.3 committee for their consideration as
     contributions to their efforts.

(6)  Modify the ``grouping'' of variables in the MIB, in the
     light of the implementation and operational experience
     gained, in order to effect the desired conformance

This Working Group is chartered to make only changes to the
MIB that fall into the following categories:

(1)  Division of variables into MIB groups.  This may
     necessitate adding or deleting groups and conceptual
     tables and moving variables among said groups and
     conceptual tables.  Doing so may require the addition or
     deletion of variables necessary to support the conceptual
     tables (e.g., the ...Table, ...Entry, and ...Index types of
     variables).  These changes may be necessary to align
     the MIB with the work of other standards bodies, the
     needs of implementors, and the needs of network managers
     in the Internet.

(2)  Changing the conformance requirements of the MIB groups
     in order to align the MIB with the work of other
     standards bodies, the needs of implementors, and the
     needs of network managers in the Internet.

(3)  Deleting variables from the MIB on the basis of
     implementation and operational experience showing that
     the variables are either unimplementable or have little
     practical operational value.

The Working Group is explicitly barred from making changes to
the definition or syntax of objects nor may the Working Group 
add objects to the MIB except as may be required by Point 1