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Finding Stuff

Document Charter Finding Stuff WG (findstuf)
Title Finding Stuff
Last updated 2000-06-05
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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A wide array of mechanisms have emerged from the IETF in recent
years. Each of them potentially provides a network service or resource
location information.  Each of these protocols provides a distinct
service.  It would be quite useful to the Internet community if
guidance could be provided, in the form of a BCP, which taxonomized
and stated the applicability domain of these different protocols.
This BOF will consider a number of different approaches to finding
stuff on networks.  We will discuss whether it would be fruitful to
develop a document which suggests where they fit.  This would involve
developing both terminology and criteria for expressing what these
protocols are suited for.

It is possible that this BOF will result in sufficient interest to
author such a BCP document.