Future of Uniform Resource Identifiers

Document Charter Future of Uniform Resource Identifiers WG (furi)
Title Future of Uniform Resource Identifiers
Last updated 2003-12-10
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The W3C has been carrying out discussions in a URI Planning Interest 
Group to evaluate the opportunities for W3C work in the area of Uniform 
Resource Identifiers (URIs) and to develop a proposal for continued 
work.  The type of issues considered have included creation of a 
standardized architecture for resolving URIs; infrastructure that would 
allow diverse, persistent URIs to be recognized and handled by web-
software; collaboration with other standards agencies to make informal 
URI schemes formal.  

Some of these areas have been discussed informally within the IETF, and 
the purpose of this meeting is to raise awareness about potential W3C 
activity and discuss where joint IETF-W3C activity would be interesting 
and useful.