Generic Internet Service Description

Document Charter Generic Internet Service Description WG (gisd)
Title Generic Internet Service Description
Last updated 1995-10-17
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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GISD collects short descriptions of Internet service aspects.  Internet
service in GISD means the interaction of Internet service providers
among themselves and with their users.  GISD aims to provide a
common frame of reference and vocabulary to talk about an Internet
service.  For each aspect of the Internet service, it describes different
options for service provision in use in the current Internet.  GISD is
merely descriptive and does not proscribe or mandate.  The GISD document is
intended to be a living document, collecting the work of many contributors.

The GISD Working Group will update and revise the GISD document to
assist network service providers in a better understanding and description
of what Interent service means.

- Update and revise the GISD document that lists the areas and aspects of
  interest to TCP/IP network service providers.

- Identify additional GISD areas and aspects appropriate to GISD.

- Identify areas of overlap with other IETF working groups.

- Create a reference document of GISD terms.

- Establish procedures to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the document
  and identify an organization willing to do it.