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Host Resources MIB

Document Charter Host Resources MIB WG (hostmib)
Title Host Resources MIB
Last updated 1993-09-20
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Deirdre C. Kostick
Charter edit AD (None)
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The Host Resources MIB Working Group is chartered to produce exactly
one document that defines SNMP MIB objects that instrument
characteristics common to all Internet hosts. The goal of this work is
to address the urgent operational need in the Internet community for
management of host systems. Owing to this urgency, the working group
will focus exclusively on the alignment of existing MIB technology in
order to achieve common solutions in a timely manner.

For purposes of this effort, the term ``Internet host'' is construed to
mean any computer that communicates with other similar computers
attached to the Internet and that is directly used by one or more human
beings. Although the work of the group does not necessarily apply to
devices whose primary function is communications services (e.g.,
terminal servers, routers, bridges, monitoring equipment), such
relevance is not explicitly precluded. The single MIB produced shall
instrument attributes common to all Internet hosts including, for
example, both personal computers and systems that run variants of

The methodology of this working group is to focus entirely on the
alignment of existing, enterprise-specific MIBs for SNMP that are
relevant to its task. The group will work towards its goal by
distillation and generalization of these existing MIBs into a single,
common MIB definition.

Owing to the urgent operational need for managing host systems, this
effort will not be comprehensive in scope. Rather, the MIB produced by
this group will be confined to critical information about hardware and
software configuration, processor and memory use, and data storage
capacities, backup, and use.

Owing to the lack of a well-understood and accepted architecture, the
working group will not address in any way, mechanisms that could be used
to monitor or control the use of licensed software products.

All definitions produced by the group will be consistent with the SNMP
network management framework and all other Internet-standard MIBs for
SNMP. Wherever possible, the definitions produced will make use of or
align with relevant work in progress with chartered working groups of
the IETF. Also, wherever possible, the working group will take into
consideration pre-existing, stable work produced by other, accredited
standards bodies.