Internet Anonymous FTP Archives

Document Charter Internet Anonymous FTP Archives WG (iafa)
Title Internet Anonymous FTP Archives
Last updated 1994-05-25
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The Internet Anonymous FTP Archives Working Group is chartered to
define a set of recommended procedures for the access and
administration of anonymous FTP archive sites on the Internet.  Such a
set of procedures will provide a framework for:

(a) Allowing the inexperienced Internet user the ability to more
    easily navigate the hundreds of publically accessible archive sites.

(b) Allowing users and network-based tools to retrieve specific site
    information such as access policies, contact information, possible
    areas of information specialization, archived package descriptions, 
    in a standardized manner.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the possible impact of these
procedures on the FTP site administrators.

Attention will be paid to the impact of newer archive indexing and
access tools on the operation of such archive sites. A set of
suggestions will be offered to allow archive site administrators to
better integrate their offerings with such tools as they are

The security of the anonymous FTP site configuration will also be
considered to be an integral part of this document. It is expected
that remote management of the archives will be adequately handled by
existing network management procedures.